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British man denies inciting Bangkok riot

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A British man arrested in Thailand after being filmed allegedly inciting people to burn down a Bangkok shopping centre has protested his innocence.

Jeff Savage, 48, said he was “wound up after being under sniper fire” during anti-government protests and his comments were meant to be sarcastic.

He also denies being involved in the destruction of the Central World shopping centre days later.

Dozens of people were killed during the red-shirts protests in the capital.

Mr Savage, from Tonbridge, Kent, told the Guardian newspaper: “I am being stitched up, being fitted up. I thought (my arrest) was just for overstaying my visa, but now this is serious.

“They are trying to pin a whole lot of stuff on me, and a few others… that we had nothing to do with. We are being made scapegoats.”

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