Public alerted to be cautious of leptospirosis, especially patients with diabetes

Members of the military nursing community in the Pacific region

BANGKOK, Thailand - Members of the military nursing community in the Pacific region observe the a patient receiving care while at the Phramongkutklao Hospital in Bangkok Thailand on Aug. 3 for a tour of the Hospital facilities during the 2011 Asia Pacific Military Nursing Symposium, which is sponsored by Pacific Command and executed under the direction of 13th Air Force. This is the fifth year of the symposium, which started at Hickam Air force Base in 2007, and the first time that Thailand has hosted the event. More than 12 countries from the Asia-Pacific region have come together to build on relationships by exchanging information and techniques with one another. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Cohen A. Young)

BANGKOK, 20 July 2014 (NNT) – The Ministry of Public Health is warning the public to be cautious of leptospirosis during rainy season, especially patients with diabetes, and should avoid exposing wounds to water. There are 861 patients in 61 provinces found with the disease during the past seven months, including seven people who have died. Most patients have come from the South.

According to Public Health Permanent Secretary Dr. Narong Sahametapat, leptospirosis is a disease commonly found during rainy season every year, and is different from common colds, influenza and dengue fever. Leptospirosis also known as “rat catcher’s yellows,” and is an infection caused by bacteria which affects both humans and mammals such as rats, dogs, cats, pigs, cows, horses, goats and sheep.

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