Iconic tuk tuk coming to Scotland streets for the first time

A tuk tuk in Bangkok

A tuk tuk in Bangkok. Photo: yunphoto.net.

Tuk tuk-a common sight on the streets of Mumbai and Bangkok- could be coming to Scotland for the first time.

They will be used to take tourists on sightseeing trips around the streets of Glasgow.

Taxi driver Pat Donnelly is awaiting delivery from Thailand of a motorised rickshaw, which he plans to operate on a timetabled service to transport visitors around the main tourist destinations in Scotland’s biggest city.

Donnelly, the first person to be issued with a public service vehicle licence for a tuk tuk in Scotland, plans to charge passengers 10 pounds per person for a one- hour trip around the city.

The open-sided three-wheelers are named after the sound of their idling two-stroke engines.

Source: sify.com


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