TOP Most Popular Companies in Thailand fresh graduates want to for in 2016!

Chiang Mai University

Chiang Mai University. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

In this upcoming summer many young, talented individuals will graduate their universities. After graduating their Bachelors, some of the graduates will want to take on further education with a Masters degree, but most of them will be looking for their first working experience. Jobnisit in collaboration with AIP Global(Asian Internship program) recently conducted a survey to find out which companies are currently the most desirable working destinations for those who are about to graduate.

The survey was sent to over 15,000 4th year students and young professionals from 35 of top universities in Thailand. They represented many faculties including Engineering, Marketing, Economics, Communication Arts, Law, Business, Liberal Arts, IT, Architecture, Tourism, Political Science, Medicine among others.

Overall over 150 companies and institutions were named in the survey. Only 6.9% of the respondents didn’t know which company they would like to work in and 1,1% want to open their own business. 8% of the nearly graduates wanted to work for different governmental institutions combined. Just to say some, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Agriculture, Immigration and others were all mentioned.

7th most desired company to work in by the fresh graduates in 2016 is KasikornBank Thailand, the leading banking group in Thailand. Figures show that 3.5% of the young professionals would choose KasikornBank as their first choice workplace. Overall 17% of all the finance and economics student think KasikornBank is the best place to implement their skills learned in university.

The 6th popular company to work in for fresh graduates is GMM Grammy. The company is the largest media entertainment company in Thailand and is involved in artist management, film and television production and concert production. The survey showed that 3.7% of all the respondents would love to work there. Especially interested are communication arts students from whom 29% would choose GMM Grammy as their first choice workplace.

5th most coveted company for nearly graduates is ExxonMobil. 4.6% of all respondents and 17% of engineers think Exxon would be the perfect company for them to work in. ExxonMobil is US based multinational oil and gas company and was the second most profitable company in the Fortune 500 list in 2014.

4th favorite company for fresh graduates and young professionals in Thailand to work in is PTT Group. PTT Public Company Limited is Thai premier multinational Energy company which deals mainly with oil and gas. 6.1% of all the respondents and 21.1% of the 4th year engineers would choose PTT as their first choice company to work in.

3rd in the list of most popular companies to work for is the Boon Rawd Brewery, a well-known Asian brewery who’s most famous brand is Singha. The company is well known for hiring many young professionals and fresh graduates received 6.2% of the whole votes. Various different students were interested of working for Boon Rawd including economics, business and marketing students.

2nd most exciting destination for nearly graduates to work in is Google. Figures have shown that 8.2% of all the young professionals would love to work for Google, not limiting to only IT students, but also marketing, liberal arts and other faculty students

Who are also strongly keen on Google. Google’s mother company Alphabet is currently considered to be the most valuable company in the world, just edging Apple.

Chulalongkorn University, viewed from 19th floor of Mahamakut Building, Faculty of Science. Photo by Tangmo.
Chulalongkorn University, viewed from 19th floor of Mahamakut Building, Faculty of Science. Photo by Tangmo.

The most popular company to work in for nearly graduates is The Siam Cement Public Company Limited or widely known as just SCG. SCG is the largest cement company in Thailand and one of the biggest companies overall. Results show that 8.6% of all the respondents and 29% of the 4th year engineers would love to work for SCG. Apichat Khanthavithi, Assisitant People Strategy & Planning Manager in SCG told Jobnisit that their popularity among fresh graduates don’t come as a surprise. ‘’It’s been a long process and hard work behind it. Building good relationships between the employees is the key’’: said Mr. Apichat Khanthavithi. SCG have many programs in terms of team building. For example every newcomer spends their first month circling around the company to see different sides and departments of the industry. In addition SCG highly value’s creativity and the specific program is called ”Ready Together”. Basically it means that every employee of SCG who comes up with an idea helping the company, gets rewarded.

The survey showed that most nearly graduates and young professionals prefer to work in a bigger company rather than smaller one. Companies that have contributed more to their company branding are doing clearly better in terms of popularity amongst young professionals. At the same time there are signs that many smart, young people in Thailand are looking to join a startups and try to be entrepreneurs themselves. Surveys in US and Europe already show that most fresh graduates are more interested in startups and SME’s(small or medium enterprise) rather than working for big corporations.

Is Thailand next to go down that road? Only time will tell.

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