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South Korea Army, University to train cyber warriors

The South Korean military and Korea University have signed an agreement to set up a cyberdefense program aimed specifically at training students in cyber warfare to combat virtual threats from North Korea. The four-year cyberdefense major will be offered at Korea University’s Graduate School of Information Security starting next year and will accept 30 undergraduates, […]Read More


Thailand protests: Red shirts defy deadline to disperse

Amid intensifying Thailand protests, antigovernment ‘red shirt’ demonstrators ignored a deadline Monday to leave their fortified downtown Bangkok camp, now ringed by troops. Bangkok, Thailand Thailand’s red shirt protesters defied a government deadline Monday to abandon an anarchic rally ringed by heavily armed security forces as the toll rose from five days of street fighting. […]Read More


Thai forces set deadline for final assault against Red Shirts

Thailand’s government has set a deadline for opposition protesters to surrender women and children before it mounts a final assault on the Red Shirt encampments in central Bangkok. Red Cross workers were told they would be given safe passage through a “live firing zone” until mid afternoon Monday to remove the vulnerable from the 3,000-strong […]Read More