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Mental illnesses prevalent among Thai-Cambodian border residents after clashes

BANGKOK, 15 February 2011 (NNT) – The Ministry of Public Health has found several Thai-Cambodian border residents suffering from mental illnesses following the recent border clashes and has tasked village health volunteers to take care of them. Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanawisit reported that 72 mobile medical units had been dispatched to Thai-Cambodian border provinces […]Read More


Academics meet to restore coral reef in Thailand

BANGKOK, 28 Janaury 2011 (NNT)-Marine experts have recently congregated at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre to brainstorm for coral reef bleaching solutions, expecting to propose them to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva for consideration as soon as next month. A biology lecturer from the Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkhla University, Sakanand Plathong, said the meeting […]Read More


Elephant lovers demand action against Thai temple

Following news that a Maha Sarakham temple butchered the carcasses of three elephants and sold the meat, skulls and tusks for Bt2 million, elephant conservationists yesterday called on the government to rescue the remaining beasts and do something before tourism was affected. The case has disturbed elephant conservationists worldwide, raised questions over the temple’s treatment […]Read More


Scary Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreading in Asia

Countries Must Do More Prevent Spread of Malaria Parasite Resistant to Powerful Prophylactic in Southeast Asia, WHO Says (CBS) The World Health Organization says that only one-third of malaria-endemic countries dealing with falciparum malaria, the parasite’s deadliest strain, are doing enough to detect a version of it resistant to one of the best-known treatments. Strains […]Read More


Thai Health: 3 Thai drinkers die every hour

BANGKOK, 15 November 2010 (NNT) -The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health) has revealed a frightening figure, stating that drinking kills 26,000 people, an average of three per hour, each year. The report said deaths in alcohol-related road accidents accounted for one-third of all casualties. It also stated that the number of teenagers, aged 15-19, […]Read More


Over 100 flu patients in medical treatment at Myanmar border

MAE HONG SON, Oct 1 – Over 100 refugees with symptoms of common flu — influenza — are receiving inpatient medical treatment in the nursing sections of two refugee camps in the northern province of Mae Hong Son. The camps comprise refugees who fled Myanmar when the Karen military headquarters at Manerplaw was overrun by […]Read More


Thai Woman Rescued After Suicide Attempt on Pattaya Beach

A Pattaya woman who was upset due to her Italian boyfriends’ imminent return to his country ran into the sea in an attempt to end her life. Pattaya, 2nd September 2010 [PDN] At 6.30 pm the Pattaya Police radio center was informed that a Thai woman had quarreled with her Italian boyfriend and ran into […]Read More


Danger, Stem Cell Tourists: Patient in Thailand Dies From Treatment

A woman with kidney disease has died after receiving an experimental stem cell treatment at a private clinic in Thailand, and a postmortem examination of her kidneys revealed that the treatment was almost certainly responsible for her death. Last week we reported that Costa Rica’s health ministry had closed a stem cell clinic that catered […]Read More