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Taxi drivers to descend on Transport Ministry demanding fare hike

About 100 taxi drivers are planning to mass at the Transport Ministry next month to demand an increase in the fare structure and a ban on Grab and other foreign ride-hailing services. Worapol Kaemkhunthod, president of a professional taxi drivers association, said the protest would culminate with a four-point petition being submitted to Transport Minister […]Read More


Pattaya taxi drivers set to recommend 100 baht flag fall

Pattaya taxi drivers are set to start using their meters. But only if they are allowed to increase the flag fall for rides to 100 baht. All the operators met on Monday to decide that 100 baht is appropriate for the first two kilometers. Thereafter they will charge 20 baht per kilometer. Full story: Thaivisa […]Read More


B5 minimum taxi fare hike needed, TDRI finds

A new policy recommendation on taxi reform is calling for a five baht increase on the minimum fare and also an additional surcharge for traffic delays. Prepared by the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), the proposal divides the taxi fare in two parts instead of one. The first part of the fare is the distance […]Read More


Cabbie arrested for masturbating during airport trip

A taxi driver has been charged with sexually offending a woman tourist by masturbating while taking her to Suvarnabhumi airport. Taylor Raebain, the 26-year-old American passenger, called police after she arrived at the airport around 2.30 am on Wednesday, saying the driver had masturbated almost all the time on their way to Suvarnabhumi, according to […]Read More


Airport blacklists ‘no meter’ cabbie

Suvarnabhumi airport authorities have blacklisted a taxi driver who tried to charge a lump sum for a trip from the airport, after a passenger complained the car had no meter. After placing his taxi driver ID on a blacklist and prohibiting him from entering the airport, the officials asked the Land Transport Department to investigate […]Read More


Department of Land Transport suspended and revoked the licenses of

BANGKOK, 29 April 2016 (NNT) – The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has arrested public transport drivers, especially taxi drivers, revoking and suspending over 50 licenses. DLT Director-General Sanit Phromwong said his department has worked with the military and police in regulating the public transport system. Read more: NNTRead More


PM calls for crack down on taxis going off-meter

BANGKOK, 22 April 2016 (NNT) – The Prime Minister has ordered the Ministry of Transport to take action against taxi cabs demanding high off-meter prices and for the Ministry of Commerce to ensure that its public center is efficient and transparent. Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has opened a Ministry of Commerce Public Service Center, […]Read More


All taxis required to use their meter, DLT official says

BANGKOK, 22 January 2015 (NNT) – The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has again reminded taxi drivers they must use the taximeter for pricing, as appointed by the authority, in keeping with the international standard. The DLT Deputy Director-General Chirute Visalachitra has denied a claim from taxi drivers and operators that the current taximeter pricing […]Read More