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Three accused police ‘pirates’ discharged from duty

Three Satun police officers who allegedly trespassed into Malaysian waters to arrest a Malaysian fishing trawler on Aug 19 have been temporarily discharged from official duties, pending an investigation, Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said on Wednesday. The trio were apprehended by Malaysian marine police during the incident. They would be released and returned to […]Read More


Thai oil tanker arrives in Songkhla after being robbed of

A Thai oil tanker attacked by pirates on Friday arrived in the southern Songkhla province on Sunday after 1.5 million litres of diesel fuel was stolen, officials said. The ship was loaded with 3.8 million litres of diesel when it was reportedly attacked by six armed men near Malaysiaโ€™s Kuantan municipality while heading from Singapore […]Read More


Pirates Attack Again in Philippines, Killing One and Kidnapping Seven

Pirates in southern Philippines waters killed one crew member and abducted seven more when they attacked the Vietnamese-flagged MV Giang Hai near Baguan Island in the Sulu Sea. Seventeen of the 25-person crew were rescued by the Philippines Coast Guard, which then pursued the attackers, Reuters reports. Those abducted were Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Dutch, […]Read More


Pair nabbed after pirates attack Thai fishing vessel

Malaysian authorities yesterday recovered a Thai-flagged fishing boat and arrested two suspected pirates after the vessel was attacked and six of the crew were thrown into the sea off the coast of Satun. Following a request by the Thai Marine Police Division to help locate the hijacked boat, Malaysian authorities yesterday spotted the vessel near […]Read More


‘Pirate’ fishing ship and cargo still being held in Phuket

PHUKET: Customs officials are still working on the legal tangle revolving around the alleged pirate fishing ship Taishan, previously named the Kunlun. The ship was chased all around Antarctic waters by the Australian and New Zealand navies on suspicion it was poaching large amounts of valuable Patagonian toothfish, known to chefs as Chilean seabass. Read […]Read More


‘Indonesian’ pirates raid Thai vessel for tonnes of fuel

PHUKET: The Royal Thai Navy is on the lookout for sword and gun toting pirates, thought to be of Indonesian origin, who had allegedly raided a Thai vessel in the Strait of Malacca on Friday evening (February 13), and made way with a substantial amount of fuel before placing TNT explosives on the ship’s bridge. […]Read More


Missing Thai diesel oil tanker now recovered

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 June 2014 (NNT) – An oil tanker that went missing on Saturday has already been recovered with all of its crew members safe. A Thai diesel oil tanker, MT Orapin 4, with 14 crew members en route from Singapore to Indonesia was hijacked by a group of pirates on May 31st. However, […]Read More