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Naked Dancers Performed in Songkran Celebrations

Young Thai Women performed naked dancing in front of crowds on Silom Road while revelers celebrate Songkran festivals. Their performances were uploaded quickly to the internet with thousands visitors per days. Bangkok, 14th April 2011. [PDN] Thousands of revelers joined Songkran celebrations on Silom Area. It had been more joyful than

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Pattaya: Italians Were Stripped Of Clothes And Money

Three Italian men were stripped of their clothes and their possessions - all worth approximately 100,000 Baht, after their drinks were spiked by three girls, whose faces were recorded on surveillance camera. Pattaya, 17th March 2011 [PDN]: At 5 p.m, Police Captain, Narongdet Tanapoonsit, Assistant Suppressing Officer of Pattaya Department,

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