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Phuket’s first ‘Monkey Island’ revealed

PHUKET: Officials have revealed that the first of two “Monkey Islands” off Phuket will be Koh Thanan, some 2.2 kilometres off Phuket’s northeast coast. A team of officials arrived on the small, round island, which measures just 140 metres across (see map below), yesterday (June 13) along with a handful of private workers hired to […]Read More


‘Monkey Island’ tourism threatened by garbage

As the Royal Thai Navy prepares to develop Koh Ped into a monkey-centric tourist attraction, it has realized a messy problem needs to be solved first: garbage. The end of the rainy season has brought with it blustery northern winds and high tides that are blowing trash out of Sattahip, Jomtien and Pattaya communities into […]Read More