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Thailand: Drug Case Against Kim Roger Eriksson Sirawan Postponed

Mr. Eriksson Sirawan, a 30 year-old Swedish citizen living in Thailand, was last year in July arrested in the case. The Public Prosecutor is trying to prove that the Swede had manufactured 53 grams of methamphetamine, so called ´Ice´, and set up a laboratory facility in order to produce methamphetamine or ´Ice´ in his home […]Read More


Swedish Kim Roger Eriksson Face the Death Penalty in Thailand

Kim Roger Eriksson, 29, according to Expressen, officially prosecuted for possession and production of more than 53 grams of methamphetamine, one of the most powerful drugs on the market. According to him self, he can risk to get the death penalty. The Swedish tabloid Expressen is running an interview with Kim Roger Eriksson in their […]Read More


Swede Arrested in Rayong for Drug Producing

The Swedish national Kim Roger Eriksson has been arrested in Rayong suspected of the crime of producing the illegal drug “Ya Ice,” reports news.sanook.com. Local police says he has now been to transferred to Bangkok. Thai Police found a laboratory in his house, which they believe was used to produce “Ya Ice.” Thai TV Channel […]Read More