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Southeast Asian Journalists Speak Out for Press Freedom

The Southeast Asian Press Alliance has asked journalists across the Southeast Asian region to share their thoughts about press freedom; and these were uploaded online as part of the campaign to promote and protect free speech. The views expressed by many reporters highlighted the continuing challenges and even growing difficulties faced by the press in […]Read More


Censure Debate Against Thai PM, 9 Other Ministers Begins

Chief opposition whip Witthaya Buranasiri on Tuesday morning filed no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and nine other ministers. Witthaya, opposition Puea Thai MP for central Ayutthaya province, started the debate at 10:05 a.m. by pointing out that the government was inefficient and had failed in the country’s administration. The government had abused its […]Read More


Opposition files no-confidence motion against Thai PM, 9 Cabinet ministers

BANGKOK, March 1 – Thailand’s Opposition Puea Thai Party on Tuesday lodged a no-confidence motion with the Speaker of House of Representatives against Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and nine Cabinet members for their alleged failure in administration of the country and corruption. Puea Thai party-list MP Mingkwan Saengsuwan, in his capacity as head of the […]Read More


Thailand: Justice for Sale, Freedom for a Fee

Cynics have long claimed that justice in Thailand is a marketable commodity like almost anything else. A current issue involving a wealthy elderly Swede, accused of multiple cases of sexual abuse of children, financially manipulative lawyers perverting the course of justice and a greedy adulterous judge, have cast a ‘cloud of corruptive gloom’ over the […]Read More


Press freedom deteriorating in Thailand: Seapa chief

Press freedom in Thailand, especially for broadcast media such as community radio stations and Web boards, has “palpably deteriorated” over the past six years, lamented Roby Alampay, outgoing executive director of the Southeast Asean Press Alliance (Seapa). “The Internet over the past six years has played a crucial role in allowing people to debate and […]Read More