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Forensic team to testify in Koh Tao trial

Officials from the Central Institute of Forensic Science (CIFS) will testify today in the defence of two Myanmar suspects who stand accused of murdering two British tourists in Koh Tao. Khunying Porntip Rojanasunan, director general of the CIFS, said yesterday three CIFS members would testify because they took part in the process of DNA testing […]Read More


Koh Tao Murder: Top Forensic Scientist to Testify for Defense

SURAT THANI — The head of Thailand’s Central Institute of Forensic Science will testify in defense of two Burmese men accused of killing two British backpackers in southern Thailand last year. Judges ruled on Friday to add an additional day to the trial to allow for CIFS director Pornthip Rojanasunand to take the witness stand […]Read More


Police Probe Human Skulls Found in Fertilizer Bag near Bangkok

Five human skulls have been found in a fertilizer bag left by Rangsit Canal in Pathum Thani Province. At the scene, police found five human skulls with some crushed bones inside the fertilizer bag. Apparently, the skulls’ foreheads, occipital bones and both temples were broken. The forensic team is currently gather evidence around the scene. […]Read More


Man stabbed to death over 300 Baht debt at Pattaya

A Thai man was killed over an outstanding debit of just 300 Baht (US$9) on Friday evening in Central Pattaya. Police and rescue workers made their way to an apartment block in Soi Arunothai and were confronted by a scene of utter carnage at the foot of the stairs in the ground floor lobby area. […]Read More


Phuket Police to send body of fallen tourist to Bangkok

PHUKET: Police will send the body of an Australian tourist to Bangkok for forensic examination in order to rule out any foul play in his fatal fall from a Phuket balcony over the weekend. Friends of the late Dean McKeon were questioned by Patong Police today about the events leading up to the discovery of […]Read More


Two forensics staff injured after one triggers explosive device in

PATTANI, July 30 — Two forensics staff injured after one triggered an explosive device when stepping on a landmine, while inspecting a vacated Pattani military camp which was attacked last night. A team of forensics specialists from Royal Thai Army’s Region 4 Ingkayut Borihan military camp in Pattani this morning inspected the crime scene at […]Read More


Two soldiers wounded in Pattani bomb attack

Two soldiers from Task Force 25 were injured in a roadside bombing while on patrol in Pattani’s Yarang subdistrict Wednesday morning. Insurgents detonated an explosive device by remote control as the security team was passing. The wounded were sent for treatment at a nearby hospital. The scene has been cordoned off for forensic tests and […]Read More