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Police, FBI, NGOs unite to combat child abuse, sex exploitation

PHUKET: Phuket today became home to the first Child Advocacy Centre in Southern Thailand to spearhead a multi-agency campaign against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. The branch in Phuket is to serve as the head office for operations throughout Southern of Thailand, explained Darren Herbold, Director of For Freedom International (FFI) at the […]Read More


Phuket child-exploitation gangs put in the spotlight

PHUKET: A 12-year-old girl fleeing her captors to the safety of officials on Soi Bangla last week, has raised the ugly specter of Phuket becoming a prime human-trafficking and child-exploitation destination, according an international children’s rights agency. The girl, nicknamed “Aoi” to protect her identity, ran up to Patong Deputy Mayor Chairat Sukban and about […]Read More


INDONESIA: Missing children raise trafficking concerns

JAKARTA, 9 April 2012 (IRIN) – Recent cases of missing children in Indonesia have raised concerns about human trafficking and a lack of law enforcement resources to combat it, say child welfare activists. At least 182 children aged 0 to 12 were reported missing by their parents in 2011, up from 111 in 2010, the […]Read More


Special Report: Why Thailand still developing country

The ABAC Real time Poll has recently conducted a survey of over 2,200 Thai people from 17 provinces on why Thailand is still a developing country despite decades of ongoing development. Over 77% of the respondents said the widespread quid pro quo was a major factor hampering the country’s progress. Half of the respondents did […]Read More


Why US pornmakers remain unfazed by Thailand’s ‘tough stance’ on

Thailand’s pornography trade..going..going..bong This is American Tony Poer. He sees himself as smart and handsome, nay even a look alike of footballer David Beckham, so much so that he even had some personalised David Beckham cards printed. And while he may not be a multi-millionaire on the internet he boasts a comfortable income of US$250,000 […]Read More


Aussies Help Thai Police Battle Sexual Exploitation

An Australian charity, helping the Thai police fight under-age sexual exploitation, conducted a sting op. Nov16. in Ban Chang, rescuing three 15-year-old females from a bar-brothel. This represents but a pin prick in the war against the exploiters of an estimated 1.2 million women and children that are victims of human trafficking annually. November 18, […]Read More


More Thai Women in Swedish Sex Trade

The number of Thai and Nigerian women exploited for sexual purposes in Sweden has increased, according to a police report on human trafficking. The number of reports involving the exploitation of mentally handicapped women has also increased, according to a report on human trafficking from Sweden’s National Police Board (Rikspolisstyrelsen) released on Tuesday. “Alarming,” Kajsa […]Read More


Hawaii brothers guilty of ill-treating Thai workers

HONOLULU – Two prominent brothers who operate the second-largest vegetable farm in Hawaii will be sentenced in federal court this week on human-trafficking charges. But two former state governors, community groups, fellow farmers and other supporters are trying to keep them out of prison. The brothers were convicted of shipping 44 labourers from Thailand and […]Read More