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British couple found dead on Thailand holiday

Lincolnshire couple found dead on Thailand holiday A couple from Lincolnshire have died while on holiday in Thailand, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has confirmed. George and Eileen Everitt, from Boston, were in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, when they died on 19 February. BBCRead More


London issues travel warning for Bangkok

LONDON, Sept. 17 (UPI) — British nationals are advised against traveling near large gatherings in Bangkok through Sunday as Red Shirt demonstrations could turn violent, London warned. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office said so-called Red Shirt protesters are preparing demonstrations in Bangkok and Chiang Mai to mark the anniversary of a 2006 coup. The […]Read More


Thai restriction of speech “not helpful” : British MP

A visiting British politician said yesterday the state of emergency maintained by the Thai government in many provinces would not be helpful to the process of reaching a political settlement in the country. “There may be in any country an exceptional circumstance, but as a general rule restriction on freedom of expression is generally not […]Read More