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Malaria remains a threat in Thailand border areas: WHO

Border areas between Cambodia and Thailand have been free of the threat of war for years but remain home to another deadly foe – malaria, a disease that badly needs effective measures and cooperation from countries in the region to control, said the World Health Organisation (WHO). However, the situation on the other side of […]Read More


Drug Smuggling Increase at Thai-Burmese Border

CHIANG RAI, Thailand—From their base, the Thai soldiers can see two Burmese army outposts and another two United Wa State Army (UWSA) camps. Despite the proximity to the two rival armies, the pace of life at the jungle base is slow; this unit has not engaged in fighting for decades. However, the Thai soldiers say […]Read More


Landmine badly injures another elephant in Thailand

LAMPANG : A young female elephant has severely injured its foot when it stepped on a landmine while following its mother into a forest in Tak near the Burmese border. Ten-year-old Phang Boonmee ruptured its foot in the explosion on Saturday. The calf is being treated at the elephant hospital run by the Friends of […]Read More


Bomb kills two at Myanmar-Thailand border crossing

Yangon (Aug 7, 2010) : An explosion killed two people on the Burmese side of the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, officials said Saturday. The blast occurred about 8:30 pm Friday, in the Myawaddy market place, killing two people and injuring up to 20 others, according to government and border sources. Myawaddy is directly across the Moei […]Read More


Thailand Petitioned Over Migrant Rights

Rights groups have asked Thailand’s labour minister to alter a regulation that blocks migrant workers from accessing a government compensation scheme if they are injured in the workplace. Fourteen groups, including international labour unions and the US Committee for Refugees and Immigration (USCRI), signed an open letter on 12 July to Phaithoon Kaeothong asking for […]Read More


Thailand cracks down on migrant workers from neighbouring countries.

The Thai government’s new migrant labor policy has seen a rise in police raids on factories that employ migrant workers, especially from Burma, Loas and Cambodia. There are reportedly up to a million unregistered migrant workers in Thailand. Human rights advocates say many workers are now taking steps to meet the new legal requirements to […]Read More


Thai-Myanmar cross-border operations face uncertain future

Mae Sot, Thailand – When Cynthia Maung stumbled across the Thai-Myanmar border into Mae Sot in 1988 after a 10-day jungle trek to flee a military crackdown in Yangon, she planned to stay a few months at most. Twenty-two years later, Dr Maung’s Mae Tao clinic is a border institution, employing a staff of 634 […]Read More


Myanmar-Thailand Border Dispute: Prospects For Demarcation

In recent years, Myanmar-Thailand relations have experienced a surge of positive bilateralism due to their common membership in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). However, the thaw in relations still leaves the boundary dispute between two countries largely unresolved. A major clash occurred in February 2001 and tension on the border still prevails. It’s critical […]Read More