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Burma preparing for Suu Kyi release

Preparations are under way for the expected release of Burma’s detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, officials said Wednesday, after the army’s proxies claimed a landslide election win. Suu Kyi, who has spent most of the past two decades locked up, had her detention extended by 18 months in August last year over a […]Read More


Thousands Of Burmese Refugees Return Home

Tens of thousands of refugees have started to return to Burma after the fighting that followed the country’s election subsided. Some 20,000 people fled over the border to Thailand after armed confrontation broke out between the government and ethnic rebels. Many of those displaced returned back across the river into Burma after government forces chased […]Read More


Thousands flee Myanmar into Thailand

About 10,000 people from Myanmar fled across the border into Thailand on Monday to escape fighting between Myanmar government forces and a splinter group of rebels of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, military and border officials told CNN. The rebels and Myanmar forces clashed over control of the town of Myawaddy, which sits across the […]Read More


Border fighting in Burma kills one Thai wounding three

Spillover of fighting in Burma injures Thais Rocket propelled grenade fired during skirmish between Burmese troops and rebels landed on the Thai side in Tak province, reportedly killing one Thai and wounding three others. Fighting broke out Monday between Burmese troops and rebels belonging to the Karen ethnic minority who seized key government offices in […]Read More


Myanmar troops step up security on border after Japanese reporter

TAK, Nov 7– Myanmar soldiers were deployed along Thai-Myanmar border at the Moei River after a Japanese journalist was arrested in Myanmar’s Myawaddy for illegally crossing the border from Thailand. Responding to the detention of the Japanese journalist late Sunday morning, the combined forces of Myanmar military and Border Guard Force personnel have been stationed […]Read More


Thailand to repatriate Burmese after elections

Human rights groups have expressed concern over Thailand’s plan to send Burmese asylum seekers home after the elections in Burma next month. Thailand’s foreign minister made the announcement in New York, saying repatriating Burmese asylum seekers was a priority for his government. But rights workers say the elections will only entrench military rule in Burma […]Read More


Child porn on Bangkok streets stirs outrage

Sukhumvit vendors openly sell VCDS Child pornography is being openly sold on the footpaths of the city’s busiest road, outraging both tourists and residents who said it would not be tolerated in any other country. After receiving several complaints about the DVD and VCD vendors along Sukhumvit Road between Soi 3 and 21, the Bangkok […]Read More


Over 100 flu patients in medical treatment at Myanmar border

MAE HONG SON, Oct 1 – Over 100 refugees with symptoms of common flu — influenza — are receiving inpatient medical treatment in the nursing sections of two refugee camps in the northern province of Mae Hong Son. The camps comprise refugees who fled Myanmar when the Karen military headquarters at Manerplaw was overrun by […]Read More