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Pattaya A-Go-Go Staff Beat Up Hi-So Guests

The Staff of an a-go-go bar reveal themselves as a would-be mafia, with a group of 20 punching a group of customers consisting of foreign models and Thai Hi-So’s. Around mid-day on the 9th February 2011 Police General Nantawut Suwanlaorng, Police Officials Pattaya received complaints from Mr. Jestin Elekjoseph, 28, and Mr. Johnny Wittel ,28, […]Read More


Woman beaten unconscious on Phuket beach

PHUKET: A young woman selling fruit on Surin Beach was beaten unconscious in broad daylight by attackers allegedly representing a local restaurant, the victim’s father said. Sawang Tonglaw, who heads a group of vendors on Surin Beach, and 15 fellow vendors, took their case to Phuket Provincial Hall today, citing a history of intimidation and […]Read More


Aussie Red Shirt protester claims he was beaten in Thai

Jailed Red Shirt protester Conor Purcell wants to return to Thailand. An Australian man deported from Thailand after supporting anti-government Red Shirt protesters says he was beaten in prison and feared the Thai government would plant drugs on him. Conor Purcell arrived in Sydney this morning after more than three months in prison. He said […]Read More


Thai teacher caught caning students (Video)

Secretly recorded mobile phone footage has exposed a teacher at a Catholic boarding school in north-eastern Thailand who whacked dozens of students on the buttocks with a cane wrapped with electrical wire. Art teacher Somchai Limthanmaporn was fired after he was exposed hitting at least 40 students, according to Nongkran Prathumtri, an administrator at St […]Read More


Iranian Arrested in Irishman’s Pattaya Assault & Theft Case

An Iranian national and member of a gang, involved in the savage beating and robbery of an Irishman in Pattaya, has successfully been apprehended and brought to justice on Tuesday. The Irish national was bashed and robbed by a Middle Eastern gang after an altercation allegedly occurred over a Thai lady. Pattaya, the 4th of […]Read More


Irishman Brutally Bashed by Middle Eastern Gang in Pattaya

An Irish national has been brutally assaulted by a gang of Middle Eastern men whilst returning home from a night on the town in Pattaya’s infamous Walking Street. Various witnesses from the scene reportedly stated that the gang are made up of Iranian nationals. Pattaya, the 26th of April 2010 [PDN]: At approximately 2:30am, police […]Read More