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Gloves Are Off: German Vice-Chancellor Calls for Anti-Islamist ‘Culture Fight’

The fight against Islamist influence will involve a comprehensive “cultural struggle,” German Vice-Chancellor and Social Democratic (SDP) party leader Sigmar Gabriel told the German magazine Der Spiegel. Germany needs to fight a cultural battle against the growing influence of Islamism, Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told the German magazine Der Spiegel on Friday. “If we are serious […]Read More


Seven Arrested as Australian Anti-Islam and Anti-Racism Rallies Continue

Anti-Islam protests and anti-racism counter-protests continued across Australia on Sunday, leading police to arrest a total of seven people across the country. Five people were arrested in Sydney and police deployed pepper spray in Melbourne as anti-Islam and anti-racism rallies took place across Australia. Read more: sputniknews.com Sputnik InternationalRead More