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Woman slaps school girl for not standing during national anthem

A 45-year-old vendor has been charged with assault after slapping the face of a high school girl who did not stand up during the playing of the national anthem at Ayutthaya railway station on Tuesday evening. A video of her assaulting the 15-year-old student went viral online, drawing heavy criticism of the woman’s action. Full […]Read More


Thai national anthem to get modern-day makeover

Some 78 years after its adoption, the Thai national anthem — as well as an accompanying music video — will be brought into the modern era with new sounds and images, but the lyrics will remain unchanged, officials said yesterday. Ormsin Chivapruck, a minister attached to the Office of the Prime Minister, said the musical […]Read More


3 civilians injured in double M79 attacks in Pattani, Thailand

Pattani – Three civilians injured when insurgents fired M79 grenades at a police station Tuesday morning. The grenades missed the station and landed on a car park and in front of a shop, injuring people nearby. Police said the attacks occurred at 8:05 am while about 20 policemen were singing the national anthem. Read more: […]Read More


Teachers face death in Thailand’s troubled south

Armed soldiers guard the road leading to Malatee Porsotee’s village school in southern Thailand while security volunteers with rifles keep watch over the classrooms. Students gather in the morning sunshine to sing the national anthem, raise the Thai flag and take daily exercise on a grassy yard surrounded by flowering bougainvillea, as roosters peck in […]Read More