Thai police request ‘death penalty’ for Daniel Sancho after concluding that it was a ‘premeditated murder’


Press conference of the deputy chief of the Thai Police in the Daniel Sancho case: Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn: Thai Police conclude that “the reason Daniel killed Edwin is because he didn’t want to be trapped anymore.”

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The deputy chief of the Thai Police, Surachate Hakparn, better known by the nickname “Big Joke”, revealed on Tuesday that the motive for the premeditated crime of Daniel Sancho was “that he did not want to be trapped” by his victim, the surgeon Edwin Arrieta.

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In a press conference held at the police station on Koh Phangan, the island where the crime occurred, “Big Joke” described the events as “premeditated murder” and confirmed that the “death penalty” is usually requested, after revealing that Sancho first told his agents that it was an accident, but later confessed that he punched and stabbed his victim with a knife.

After confirming that the police investigation has been completed and that the case is in the hands of Justice, he ruled out that there are other people involved in the murder, the dismemberment and the disappearance of the body. He has also pointed out that the Spaniard, who has been in prison for a week, used two knives, one of them a butcher knife, to kill and dismember Arrieta.

Police have concluded that Sancho had “planned” the crime before Arrieta’s arrival on the island. As for the modus operandi, he explained that Sancho punched Arrieta, who hit the sink, but also that he stabbed him and then, when he was already dead, “cut him into pieces”. The Thai police have ruled out that it was an accidental death, insisted that the crime was premeditated and that both the forensic analysis and Sancho’s confession would ratify this version of events.

The police showed reporters a photograph of the hole left by a knife in Arrieta’s shirt, and confirmed that the stab wound, and not the fall, could have been the cause of death of the Colombian surgeon.

However, the police chief has asked to wait for the final result of the autopsy to know exactly if the cause of death was the blow to the head or the stabbing.

International journalists have questioned the Thai police chief about the hypothesis that Sancho had an accomplice, something that Hakparn has ruled out appealing to the images of the security cameras and the fact that no other people’s fingerprints were found at the crime scene.

“The reason why Daniel killed Edwin is that he did not want to remain trapped,” concluded the top police officer on the island where the events occurred. Regarding the relationship between Sancho and Arrieta, the police chief did not want to delve deeper and explained that this is not the time to disclose the findings of the previous conversations that were recorded on the Spaniard’s phone.

The police assure that they have not found any traces of alcohol or narcotic substances in Daniel Sancho’s body. And, regarding the crime scene, the police have pointed out that Sancho got rid of all of Arrieta’s belongings, except for the money, about “9,000 dollars” that were in the safe of the room.

-Thailand News (TN)

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