Norovirus NOT Found in Ice and Water Factories in Phuket

Isuzu ELF 150 with water bottles

Isuzu ELF 150 carrying water bottles. Photo: Mattes.

Ice and water factory test results show NO contamination with the Norovirus after more than 6,000 patients suffered from diarrhea in Phuket in a week with many of them having tested positive for the virus.

Diarrhea outbreak spreading in Phuket, but under control

The Phuket Provincial Health Office (PPHO) Chief Doctor Koosak Kookietikun told the Phuket Express on Wednesday (June 14th) that test results from six ice factories and three water factories in Phuket have NOT been contaminated with the Norovirus in an initial review. However, the PPHO are still trying to find the source of the ‘Norovirus’.

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By Goongnang Suksawat
The Phuket Express

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