Boeing 737 mysteriously appears in a field in Bali and nobody knows how it got there

Terrace farming in the Subak system in Bali, Indonesia

Terrace farming in the Subak system in Bali, Indonesia. Photo: drew.

This is the mystery of an abandoned Boeing 737, which is in the middle of a Balinese field and no one is answering for it, as well as the reasons or causes of its arrival in the place are unknown.

The aircraft is located in a limestone quarry near the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan highway, a short distance from the popular Pandawa beach.

Naturally, a multitude of confabulations and hypotheses circulate about the plane’s arrival at the site, although more popular among locals is that it was originally installed by a wealthy businessman.

Some say the guy wanted to turn it into a restaurant, but ran out of funds before he could finish it, so he simply left the plane parked in the field.

The Boeing arouses the interest of curious onlookers and, above all, influencers and youtubers, although fortunately or unfortunately the plane is fenced and can only be seen from a viewpoint.

-Thailand News (TN)

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