Malaysia: 5 Years after MH370 Disappeared, Relatives Seek Answers

Malaysia Airlines B777 200ER engine

Malaysia Airlines B777 200ER engine. Photo: Maarten Visser.

Iman Mohd Hazrin has spent half of her life pining for her father, who along with 238 other passengers and crew, has been missing since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 vanished from radar screens on March 8, 2014.

Each night as she goes to bed, the 10-year-old keeps a photo nearby of her father, flight crew member Mohd Hazrin Mohamed Hasnan, never going a day without it.

“That framed photo never leaves her sight. Wherever she goes, it goes with her,” Iman’s mother, Intan Maizura Othaman, told BenarNews.

Five years ago Friday, flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur on a scheduled trip to Beijing.

But 40 minutes into what should have been a six-hour flight, its transponder was turned off and the plane veered from its course, according to news reports that cited findings from an official investigation into one of civil aviation’s greatest unsolved mysteries. The Boeing 777 flew for nearly eight hours and its last transmission showed the wide-bodied airliner flying south over the Indian Ocean.

Malaysian Minister of Transport Anthony Loke Siew Fook told BenarNews on Thursday that the government was willing to reopen search efforts if there was a suitable offer coming, but the government had yet to receive any.

Ocean Infinity, a U.S. seabed exploration company, ended its search for the missing airliner in May 2018 after more than three months of using underwater imaging technology to sweep an area of the southern Indian Ocean.

The company had signed a “no cure, no fee” contract with a 90-day timeframe in January 2018, more than a year after Australia, China and Malaysia officially called off their joint search efforts covering thousands of square miles of ocean waters off the western Australian coast.

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