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Three Filipina women arrested and charged with raising funds for fake children charity in Pattaya

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Signs in Central Pattaya

Signs in Central Pattaya. Image: Bob in Thailand.

Pattaya – At around 10:00 AM this morning three women from the philippines were arrested in Central Pattaya and charged with raising funds for a bogus charity for children.

The women are accused of working in the local area for nearly a year and conning tourists and locals alike to raise funds for the Children’s Joy Foundation. Officials confiscated several brochures and donor lists along with a days amount of money raised from donations of individuals who thought they were assisting at need children, but, were in fact being conned.

Police on Wednesday announced the arrest of Belinda Austria Toledo, 55, Jessica Bayutas Ortega, 50 and Ruthie Espina Babila, 38, who had been collecting money from tourists in central Pattaya for a charity named Children’s Joy Foundation, which is based in the Philippines. However, it seemed that the money was not going to any needy children in Thailand as they claimed and instead were either being used as funds for the women themselves or being given to The Kingdom of Jesus Christ church in the Philippines led by the millionaire Pastor and self Proclaimed Son of God and Owner of the world APPollo Quiboloy.

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