79-Year-Old Swede Fined for Hate Crime for ‘Serial’ Anti-Islamic Scrawls

Houses near the sea in Sweden

Houses near the sea in Klubbensborg, Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Tommie Hansen.

Following the judgment, which featured a conditional sentence and a fine, many Swedes were perplexed over why accusations against the senior vandal were based on the concept of racism and voiced displeasure over how the “hate laws” were implemented.

A 79-year old senior citizen has been sentenced for inciting racist hatred after having scribbled “F**k Islam” and “F**k Allah” in public places on several occasions, the local Swedish daily newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad reported.

The man acknowledged the charges, admitting having scrawled “racist” messages in a shopping mall’s restroom and a bus shelter.

During the trial, the man claimed to have been robbed by a gang of Arabs four years ago, a crime that was never solved. By his own admission, this incident soured his outlook on Islam and its proponents and write slurs in public places.

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