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Are You a One-Night Stand or Something Bigger?

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Couple sitting down

In love couple sitting down. Photo: Max Pixel.

It’s easy to figure out your personal attitude to the girl when you do not need anything more serious than sex. It is harder when you want to share the life with her, but this problem is solved by deep evaluation. When you have already decided everything and the girl is important to you then a vile and unexpected question may arise, namely, “What do you mean to her?” One of the myths about Russian women says they want something casual with foreigners. The girl can easily perceive you as a kind of a “one-night stand”, from whom she wants nothing but sex. But how can you understand that?

1. She is bored to talk to you.

It’s all simple. If you see that the girl is laughing at jokes that were not even jokes, or you see that she does not understand the essence of the conversation at all, being somewhere in the clouds, then she has no interest in you. The artificiality of her emotions confirms eloquently this uncomplicated thought. If a girl is not interested in your thoughts, words, jokes, then she certainly does not take you seriously.

2. Trust your intuition.

They say that intuition is only for women but it is not so, guys have it also. Some scientists associate it with the nervous system and hormones like dopamine and serotonin, which, to all other things, are present even in the bowels. The connection between the bowels and the brain is quite real. Therefore, if you feel in your gut that something is going wrong that she is cheating you, then you have every reason to check each of your guesses, no matter how wild it is.

3. She is not available on weekends.

Usually, people work from Monday to Friday to spend time on the weekend with those whom they value and love. If the girl does not want to spend this time with you then she does not need you, and you do not need her, believe.

4. She shows photos with another guy.

Sometimes people become blind and do not see what is happening right in front of them. This happens when they are deeply in love. If a girl takes photos with another guy who is “just a friend” for her then you should sort that out. The fact that you turn a blind eye to this, says only that you are stupid and naive but not that you are different than all these men who are so jealous.

Couple argument.
Couple dispute. Girl putting on boxing gloves. Photo: Max Pixel.

5. She does not feel any emotions for you.

Do you know what could be worse than hatred? Indifference. Complete indifference to you comes at a time when the girl’s feelings are reoriented from you to another person. This means that the girl has a priority man, this is someone else, not you. You can do nothing about it. And on the contrary, you don’t even have to think how to turn a Russian girl on, because if she has feelings for you, everything happens naturally.

6. She does not support you.

Let’s just say, a loving woman will always push you toward decisions that require masculinity and determination, toward the very decisions that make a boy a man. If this does not happen then it is quite possible that she is simply not interested in investing in you as in a man, she does not want to strengthen your masculinity and subject you to trials, she does not want to be with you, and this is a bad sign.

7. She acts secretly when it comes to social networks and the phone.

If the girl begins to hide her correspondence in social networks and in messengers then there is a reason to be nervous. This does not mean that the girl has someone on the side, but it means that you have received a clear warning sign. If the girl has something to hide from you then this is unlikely to be something that you will like.

8. How do things relate to words?

This is an important point because if behavior diverges from words even in small things, what is the reason to believe this woman in general? Such a girl can tell you one thing with a pure heart and do something completely different. The pathological lie is sometimes very difficult to distinguish if you have fallen in love with this person.

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