Phuket: Buildings on Nai Yang beach demolished

Rawai Beach in Phuket

Rawai Beach in Phuket. Photo: ADwarf.

PHUKET: More changes were carried out this morning (October 17) when the Sakoo Or Bor Tor and the Royal Thai Navy officer region 3 demolished a building that was constructed illegally on Nai Yang Beach.

The sub-district officers led by Sumet Suwannarat, Administrative Assistance of Sakoo Or Bor Tor, went to excavate the land secured by the Royal Marine.

“We have come to demolish the rest of the illegal structures. The land holds a Sor Kor 1 land paper, but the court only mentioned two Rai,” said Mr Sumet at the site.

“The building that was built on six Rai will be demolished, except for two Rai, but we are waiting for the land office agents to inform us of the exact area.”

Surin Yotharak, deputy mayor of Sakoo, mentioned that the permanent buildings belonging to six owners, will be demolished not only because of public land encroachment but also because the structure of the building is illegal.

“According to the building act, buildings constructed next to the beach cannot be taller than six metres but this goes beyond that,” Mr Surin said.

“The court explained that it is indeed public land, but the two Rai that Mr Dang (Laolang) has a Sor Kor 1 for, can only be used privately by him for three generations.”

“The two Rai has already been mentioned in the court proceedings, but officers still cannot proceed with the demolition because we are waiting to hear back from officials in the land office,” he said.

However, the deputy mayor added that the demolition of illegal land to clean up beaches must be operated by a local leader.

“The mayor is looking into the case but he is also hesitant about the people involved, as he was elected by them. But law is law. It must be the same, with no exception,” he said.


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