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Sri Lanka Plans to Deport 1,500 Pakistani and Afghan Refugees

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Topography of Sri Lanka

Topography of Sri Lanka from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission of STS-99, aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Photo: National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA).

Facing persecution in Pakistan, many Ahmadiyya Muslims and Christians have taken refuge in Sri Lanka. These refugees are mostly held in Boossa and Mirihana detention centers and have to live on government-provided rations as they are not eligible for work.

According to the media, the Sri Lankan government is preparing to deport about 1,450 Pakistani and 50 Afghan refugees who have apparently fled to rural areas in Sri Lanka. More than 1,400 of the targeted refugees have been registered as asylum seekers at the UN refugee agency office in Colombo.

Human Rights Watch has requested the Sri Lankan government not to summarily deport these minorities. Meanwhile, Pakistan has disowned these refugees and an uncertain future awaits for them if they are deported.

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