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Bangkok floods prompt PM Yingluck to call for cheap THAI flights to Phuket

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PHUKET: Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra today called on Thai Airways International to reduce airfares for flights to Phuket and other destinations in Southern Thailand.

Prime Minister Yingluck’s call comes in response to the likely flooding of Rama II Road in Bangkok, the main artery connecting Bangkok with the South.

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1 thought on “Bangkok floods prompt PM Yingluck to call for cheap THAI flights to Phuket

  1. Thailand property price not crashing But sinking fast!!!

    All those foreign investors lapping up Thai properties over the past few years now crying home in their wet shoes and soaking underwear. 🙂
    These foreign investors now realize oops, all their property investments now basically going to be discounted 50% or more because everyone now knows Bangkok is one big property disaster and every year during monsoon season, this city is going to be flooded more & more into the foreseeable future. Experts already say Bangkok is sinking and many parts of the city is going to be below sea-levels. With rising seas, all property investors now cry because every future years, they will have special “water-front” property…:-) The water literally right at their doorstep & they can conveniently jump right into the “swimming pool” which is just in front of their bedrooms. 🙂

    A few years back, these “big-shot” investors all talk very loudly, show-off say Bangkok property cheap cheap, now they cry cry, all their big mouths now stuffed with the putrid mess of flood waters. Ha Ha Ha!

    Those foreign jokers buying Phuket, Koh Samui, etc… don’t be too happy yet, if the international airports closes off in Bangkok, I don’t see how these foreigners can reach their holiday homes in the sun & beach…maybe now they can swim there or take a fishing boat there. 🙂
    Pretty soon, these beach-front properties in Phuket, Koh Samui will also become empty and prices will fall quickly. I think now, these foerigners realize their folly too late, now STUCK and even if they sell cheap cheap…nobody will want to buy from them after reading about all the floods in Thailand. Maybe they can convert their condominiums to crocodile farms or fish farms. Hahaha!

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