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Thailand is the best place to live after retirement: HSBC Survey

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BANGKOK 2 October, 2011 (NNT) – Thailand has been cited as the best place to live after retirement through the eyes of foreigners, according to an opinion survey by HSBC.

The 2011 survey has found that tax exemptions, affordable living expenses, and reasonable living condition are the reasons that Thailand has been chosen as the most habitable place in the word for retired foreigners.

In the views of the respondents, tax exemptions offered by the Thai government allows foreigners with a limited income or even those who have no regular income to live comfortably after retirement.

Compared to other countries, living costs in Thailand are still low, enabling Westerners particularly the British to spend their lives here without difficulty.

Reasonable living standards which make the country more advantageous than others include warm climate and diverse topographical feature.

Coming second and third are Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Last year, Bahrain was ranked first in the same category.

The survey covers 3,385 expatriates in more than 100 countries. The data is based from the respondents’ lifestyles, financial conditions and the way their children are brought up overseas.

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