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Efforts to keep Bangkok and business areas safe from floods

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BANGKOK, 7 October 2011 (NNT) – The National Flood Relief Coordination Center of Thailand has resolved to reinforce the embankment and quickly release the inundation to the sea to protect Bangkok and other business zones.More flood barriers are being erected and rescue efforts are under way to help people living in various provinces in the Central region whose situations have not improved.

Thailand’s Science and Technology Minister Mr. Prodprasob Surasawadee said regarding the current flooding situation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives would close the Khao Mao and Suan Phlu canals in Ayutthaya and reinforce the embankment along the Pasak River while the Ministry of Transport had planned to close the Sakhu canal to shield the industrial sites from the overflow.

The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Royal Thai Navy will quickly drain the water into the sea. Meanwhile, the Rojana industrial estate is expected to be closed by the Army whereas the road no.1 and no. 304 will be kept dry by the Ministry of Transport to allow the transportation between the central and the northern regions to continue.

Mr. Prodprasob said the water was expected to surge in Mueang district of Ayutthaya province today while he said he was confident that Bangkok and various major industrial sites would be safe from floods. Soldiers have been deployed to evacuate residents in Ayutthaya to the eastern part of the province as the overflow began to flood the area earlier today. Boat owners are encouraged to launch their boats into the river to help accelerate the speed at which the runoff is expected to reach the ocean.

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