Bangkok is safe from flooding for now

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Thailand News Breaking News. Image: TN.

BANGKOK, 4 September 2011 (NNT) – Department of Drainage and Sewerage Director General Mr. Sanya Cheenimit said Bangkok was not at risk of flooding as the water level in the Chao Phraya River remained at the safe level.

He said the amount of rainfall and the flood water from the North were the only concerns at present. To prevent the impact on Bangkok, authorities will keep the situation under surveillance until November.

According to Mr. Sanya, the level of rain recorded last night was 100 millimeters in Bangkok which flooded many roads and streets overnight. However, the water had been drained quickly at midnight and the situation had now returned to normal.

The water level recorded at Pakk Khllong Talat is now 1.84 meters above the sea level which, according to Mr. Sanya, is not a threat to city dwellers. He added that even though the water barrier was able to cope with the height of up to 2.50 meters, 27 communities living outside the barrier had been affected by the inundation.

The water level in the Chao Phraya River is currently increasing at 2,700-2,800 cubic meters per second in Ayutthaya province. The Director General said authorities would continue to monitor the situation until the Loi Krathong Festival in November. He further stated that power outage and the amount of garbage would make it difficult for the drainage work to continue.

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