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Recent flood situation in Thailand

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BANGKOK, 09 November 2010 (NNT) – Flooding in many areas of the country continues to affect people, especially in Ang Thong Province. In the southern provinces where the water levels have receded, officials have begun a herculean task of rehabilitating the areas.

Officers have been busy cleaning up the seaside in Songkhla Province including the beaches of Chalathat and Laem-son-orn, the province’s major tourist attractions. Storms that battered the province last week have left a lot of debris all over town, streets, and beaches. Although the situation has returned to normal, owners of small fishing boats have decided to keep their vessels ashore for a few more days.

Kanom, the area in Nakorn Sri Thammarat overwhelmed by mudslides, has now become a tourist attraction spot, with throngs of tourists from nearby provinces stopping by to take pictures, or to look for strange-shaped stones to take home as souvenirs.

While the water level in the Chao Phraya River at Ang Thong Province in the central part of Thailand continues to drop, the level in Thoong Lum Tha Daeng canal has risen in the past few days, flooding houses on its banks.


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