Mysterious Phuket Overstayer ‘Lost Passport in 2004’

Sino-Portuguese Architecture in Phuket

Sino-Portuguese Architecture in Phuket. Photo: Sry85.

IMMIGRATION officials are investigating the case of a man who claims he is an American and has been living on Phuket without a passport for six years.

Police in Patong said that when approached while acting suspiciously at a popular beachfront resort, the man gave his name as Dean Mancuso, aged 50.

The fine for visitors who overstay a visa in Thailand is 500 baht a day. A six-year overstay would amount to 1,095,000 baht.

However, when the man appeared in court yesterday, he was fined 7000 baht and a judge ordered his expulsion from Thailand.

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  1. are you stupid or what there is a max on 20000 thb baht dont write if you dont know what you talking about

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