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Panther on the loose in Chumphon

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Breaking News. Image: GoodManPL (Pixabay).

CHUMPHON: A huge black panther has been attacking livestock in a village next to a national park in Muang District.

Local resident Sanguan Damsanit told reporters on January 6 that he saw the animal on New Year’s Day in a field in Tambon Tha Yang.

Mr Sanguan, 55, said that when he went to round up his eight head of cattle for the night at around 6:30pm, he saw a black panther devouring one of his calves. He estimated the animal’s body length at around 1.3 meters and said it stood a full meter tall.

After running back to the village in fear, he and other villagers returned to the area armed with shotguns and machetes to try and catch the beast, but it had gone. In his absence the panther attacked another of his calves, but only wounded it.

The animal is also suspected of having eaten some village dogs.

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