Month: September 2009


Thailand to wait for Indonesia whether to issue tsunami warning

Thailand will wait to see whether Indonesia would issue tsunami warning before deciding whether to issue the warning. Indonesia’s Sumatra island was hit by powerful 7.9-Ritcher-scale quake on Wednesday, destroying large buildings and starting fires in Padang city. Thai director of geological and environmental division, Apichart Surinkham said that in case tsunami happens following the […]Read More


Isan gets set for Ketsana

Philippines appeals for international help The Meteorological Department is warning 10 northeastern provinces they will bear the brunt of Typhoon Ketsana, which is moving swiftly towards the coast of Vietnam and is due to hit Thailand tomorrow. The provinces bracing for severe weather conditions are Amnat Charoen, Buri Ram, Mukdahan, Nakhon Phanom, Nakhon Ratchasima, Roi […]Read More


AoT to spend Bt800 billion to upgrade Suvarnabhumi Airport

BANGKOK, Sept 28 (TNA) – The Airports of Thailand (AoT) will continue to improve and expand the country’s showcase Suvarnabhumi Airport with a new budget of 800 billion baht (US$23 million), AoT president Serirat Prasutanond said on the third anniversary of the airport’s opening. A Buddhist religious ceremony was conducted at the airport on Monday […]Read More


Thailand to provide humanitarian aid to RP

BANGKOK (Xinhua) – Thailand is going to dispatch a medical team and medical supplies to the Philippines, which has been hard hit by the tropical storm “Ketsana”, killing at least 240 persons, according to local media on Tuesday. The humanitarian assistance’s plan will be approved by the government soon, said Rewat Visarutvej, director-general of Thailand’s […]Read More


Typhoon emergency fund approved

The government has set aside 50 million baht in emergency funding for every province which is hit by typhoon Ketsana, which is now heading towards Thailand, Interior Minister Chavarat Charnvirakul said on Tuesday. The death toll from Ketsana in the Philippines has soared to at least 240 people, and more than 170,000 people in Vietnam […]Read More


16 provinces warned of flash floods due to depression storm

The Meteorological Department Friday warned residents of 16 provinces to brace themselves for heavy rains and possible flash floods at the result of a depression storm in Vietnam. In its seventh warning issued following the detection of the depression storm in Vietnam, the department said the storm’s influence would unleash heavy rains in lower northern […]Read More


Floods, mudslides in North – and more to come

Thirteen districts out of 18 in the northern province of Chiang Rai have been declared disaster areas after flash floods inundated 322 villages,destroyed bridges and caused mudslides in many areas. Villagers in tambon Mae Jaydee in Wieng Pa Pao district are stranded after mudslides blocked access in and out. Wide areas of farmland are under […]Read More


Hope For AIDS Vaccine Rekindled By Thai Test

The ultimate weapon against AIDS would be a vaccine to prevent infection with the HIV virus. Until now, though, every test of experimental vaccines has failed. But results from the largest-ever vaccine trial gave new hope to scientists that, in principle, a vaccine could work someday. Researchers said a vaccine tested in more than 16,000 […]Read More