Month: July 2009


Let’s go to Rayong

Often overlooked by visitors to the Land of Smiles, Rayong is located just two hours from the capital city of Bangkok. Features around a hundred kilometers of sun kissed coastline and some beautiful beaches, this is a good place to soak up the sun away...Read More


Ritz-Carlton comes to Krabi

US-based luxury hotel chain Ritz-Carlton has just announced plans to set up its first ever hotel in Thailand. The hotel, which will be named Pulay Bay, will open on Krabi before the end of the year and will be aimed at both local and overseas tourists....Read More


Airlines cut IT costs

As budgets are being tightened due to the global recession, airlines have been forced to cut their overall investment in IT. However, they are still spending out on the technologies that are known to help reduce distribution costs and improve services....Read More


Taste the difference on Krabi

Situated in the south of Thailand, Krabi is a great destination for those who love to eat as the island is famous for a number of culinary treats. A great breakfast dish is the khanomjeen fresh noodles, which is served with spicy fish curry sauce known...Read More


Thaksin sings to celebrate 60th birthday

Around 1,500 supporters visited the Kaew Fah temple in Nonthaburi, just outside Bangkok earlier this week to witness a phone-in by the former PM. Thaksin, who turned 60 on Sunday, sang a song to the crowd about his life in exile, accompanied by a slide...Read More


Hanging 10 in Phuket

Keen surfers have been coming to Phuket for years to catch the excellent waves that can be found in this part of Thailand. While many travellers may be put off visiting at this time of year by the heavy rains and storms, for some this is the perfect ti...Read More