Month: June 2007


Touring the King’s Development Projects

King Bhumibol is universally revered among the people of Thailand. This benevolent monarch has done more than his share to aid in rural development around the country. Over the years he has been dedicated to improving the lives of the nation’s poor a...Read More


Thailand gives the Dutch a run for their tulip bulbs

Holland is a country known for its tulips. The former Dutch empire, for a time, valued its currency not on gold or platinum but tulip bulbs. Thailand may not be known specifically for its tulips, but starting from now until August, visitors to Chaiyaphum will be able to enjoy the Siam Tulip Festival. The flowers […]Read More


Drug-Resistant TB hits Thailand

Since 2001, there have been 13 confirmed cases of drug resistant TB identified in Thailand according to the Drug Resistant TB Research Fund’s chairman Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong.There is some debate concerning the extremely dangerous cases as to dat...Read More


Thais Still Love the South

Violence in the south of Thailand has caused a number of local residents to uproot their homes and move away, but some Thai residents aren't willing to give up on Pattani, the southern provinces of Thailand or on the idea of cultural diversity. ...Read More


Can’t speak Thai? Don’t worry!

Perhaps one of the most intimidating thing about travelling to a new country is not being able to speak the language. Although travelling to Thailand is daunting in this respect, one website has a great service to help out the non-speaking Thais as the...Read More